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The Chow Girls and The Host of The NOT Boring Book Show

Host Stacy (L), The Chow Girls Amy and Heidi, and host Angela (r)

This week we interview the Chowgirls at their new world headquarters in North East Minneapolis!  Don’t go into the holiday season without Killer Party Food and The Chowgirls by your side!

We were fortunate enough to be given a tour of The Chowgirls new facilities, which included a peek at the pretty room where all their special serving treasures are stored.  you know you’ve made it when you have your own branded serving boards!

Heidi and Amy have created a family-like workplace where the employees have a communal meal together daily.  The Chowgirls are committed to sustainability and at

The pretty Room at The Chow Girls

The pretty Room at The Chow Girls

their peak has a 97% waste diversion to commercial composting and recycling.  This commitment was evident everywhere from the bathroom where there were cloth towels, and recycling bins, to the break room where there’s a clothing swap area for employees to pass on items they no longer wear to others who might have a use for

Clothing Exchange

Clothing Exchange


The Chowgirls are two ladies whose passion for food and people is genuine.  The food featured in Killer Party Food highlights the best of each season and The Chowgirls The Chow Girls Killer Party Food On The NOT Boring Book Showhave created delicious one of a kind party eats and cocktails.  Get your copy for the holiday season ahead!

Also in this episode kick-a-moe juice, we’re drooling over Killer Party Food, and Christmas fishing for Angie.

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